Split Pumped Solar System (Indirect) STE-PSS Series
Split Pumped Solar System (Indirect) STE-PSS Series
Split Pumped Solar System (Indirect) STE-PSS Series
Split Pumped Solar System (Indirect) STE-PSS Series

Split Pumped Solar System (Indirect) STE-PSS Series

Split Pumped Single-coil Indirect System STE-PSS Series

The STE-PSS Series, in streamline closed circuit systems which are recommended for frost prone and poor water quality situations. Antifreeze fluid is used to circulate through the collectors. The heat collected from the panels is transferred from the fluid pipes to the water tank by a heat exchanger. The circulator is regulated by a control unit on the water heater. This ensures the optimum use of the sun's free energy. 



1) The solar collector and water tank can be placed separately, easy to install, easy for building integration
2) The water tank is indirect tank with a single coil exchanger, completely solve the problem of collector in freezing and harsh water area
3) Reliable electric back-up with protection against dry heating and thermal cut-out 
4) With quality flat solar collector and enamel water tank for long service life
5) Polyurethane insulation with good heat reservation
6) Totally metal flow channels made by copper
7) Low failure rate and easy maintenance
8) Easy operation and intelligent control

    Forced Circulation Solar System


Model No. STE-PSS-300 STE-PSS-400 STE-PSS-500
Water Tank Circulation type Pressurized closed loop Pressurized closed loop Pressurized closed loop
Tank capacity 300L 400L 500L
Outer tank material  Prepainted galvanized steel   Prepainted galvanized steel   Prepainted galvanized steel 
External dimension(mm) Φ620×1520 Φ710×1576 Φ710×1716
Inner tank material Low carbon steel with vitreous enamel Low carbon steel with vitreous enamel Low carbon steel with vitreous enamel
Max working pressure 0.7MPa 0.7MPa 0.7MPa
Electric booster 2.5KW 2.5KW 2.5KW
Heat exchanger  Single coil   Single coil   Single coil  
Solar collector Overall area  2*2pcs 2*3pcs 2*4pcs
Dimension L x W x T (mm) 2000×1000×80 or 95mm 2000×1000×80 or 95mm 2000×1000×80 or 95mm
Absorber coating Blue Selective or Black Chrome Blue Selective or Black Chrome Blue Selective or Black Chrome
Hydraulic kit Manometer 0~200
Thermometer for Infusing heat medium
Filling valve Max. discharge flow:3.3 m3/h  , Max. pump discharge : 6 m
Water Pump 2~8L/min.
Flow meter Control circulation pump and electric booster
Controller Control circulation pump and electric booster
T/P valve 0.6Mpa/99 0.6Mpa/99 0.6Mpa/99
Expansion vessel 8L 18L 18L
Mounting Bracket Material Auminum alloy Auminum alloy Auminum alloy
Bracket style Flat roof and tilted roof for option
Weight of overall system [kg] 198 265 319
Container Capacity 20' container 22 sets 15 sets 13 sets
40' container 45 sets 30 sets 26 sets
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