Company History

Company History


> Expanding production area to 8000m2, further increasing the production capacity.

> Granted the patent of antifreezing Type-Flat Plate Solar Collector


> Successfully granted serveral major certifications for flat plate solar collector, including Solar Keymark, SRCC and CE.


> Continued investment in new production line and racking storage system to expand annual production capacity to 500,000 m². 


>Successfully granted certification of "OHSAS 18001:2007", "ISO14001:2004", "ISO9001:2008" and "CCC".

> Successfully granted ten patents for solar thermal products.

> Became a member of "China Solar Energy Heat Utilization Industry Association" 

> Flat Plate Solar Collector tested by Intertek based on AS/NZS 2535.1:2007 standard, Instantaneous efficiency: 0.83. Marking our product performance has reached the international advanced level.


>Successfully applied to three product patents. 

>Invented "Package Ultrasonic Welding Type" for the fin welding technology, greatly improving product performance.  Initially used polyurethane foam technology for collector insulation, greatly improve product performance.


>Anodic Oxidation Production Line successfully launched

>Fusion Bonding Production Line successfully launched .


>Successfully developed a new Flat Plate Solar Collector for Heating Industry.


>Research and develop the combination of solar energy and heat pump technology, breaking the electricity or the boiler as solar energy auxiliary equipment, creating a new energy-saving technology.


>Company was founded and the flat solar collectors successfully applied for patents .