If the solar water heater does not produce water,what can we do?

Previously, we introduced what is a solar hot water collector. Through the last explanation, let everyone know the usage of solar collectors and its role. For users who install solar water heaters, do you know some of the problems with water heaters? Today, we will introduce to you how to solve the problem when the water heater does not have water.
 First, before discussing how to repair. Let us first introduce the advantages of solar hot water collectors:
1, the bracket is solid and durable, using automotive-grade paint, fine workmanship, not easy to rust and not easy to fall off;
2. The storage barrel has plenty of space and hot water storage. It adopts high-quality stainless steel plate and uses automatic ion welding technology. It has excellent performance and long service life.
3, good quality, dare to promise, the use of German imports su304 liner, five years replacement, ten-year warranty;
4, vacuum tube high efficiency, Shanghai Qingda vacuum tube, coating 13 layers, the real three high purple diamond tube;
Second, the water heater is generally dissatisfied with water. The water is mainly caused by insufficient water pressure in the tap water, breakage of the upper and lower water pipes, and damage to the indoor and outdoor pipe parts. When this problem occurs, you can use the following method.
1. Add a booster pump to the home to increase the water pressure of the tap water.
2. If there is a break in the upper and lower water pipes, you need to replace the new water pipes.
3. If the indoor and outdoor pipe parts are damaged, replace the new pipe parts.
Third, the solar water heater appears to be dissatisfied with water, and if it leaks outside, it is usually caused by damage to the vacuum tube or rupture of the water supply pipeline.
For this type of problem, we recommend that you need to maintain the water heater:
1. Repair or replace the vacuum tube of the water heater with a new one.
2. Connect the water supply pipe of the water heater to a tight connection. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time.
Solar water heaters as a clean energy water heater, daily maintenance is very important.